12 Propositions for Addressing Malnutrition & Food Production (Bruce French)


  1. Local plants suit local conditions.
  2. Maintain a diversity of food plants.
  3. Share knowledge and learn from locals.
  4. Collect planting materials locally.
  5. Use a mixture of plants throughout the garden.
  6. Grow dark green leaves.
  7. Grow some perennial food plants.
  8. Put the right plant in the right place.
  9. Many traditional edible plants also have medicinal value.
  10. Using local plants is low cost and offers easier availability.
  11. Attractive, well-illustrated publications can change attitudes.
  12. Use mulch and stop burning.

12 Propositions for addressing malnutrition


Food Plants International

38 West Street, Burnie Tasmania, AUSTRALIA 7320

Email: bruce.french@foodplantsinternational.com

Web: http://www.foodplantsinternational.com


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