Welcome to Friends of Food Plant International! We are a diverse group of people sharing our time, energy and skills to help the hungry feed themselves.  We promote the 33 500 edible plant species that grow around the world.  You can join us and help in the following areas (but the list depends on your passion/interest area):

  • Promotion
  • Networking – NGOs, personal, community, missionary organisations
  • Financial support
  • Advocacy
  • Books – Creating and printing your favourite FPI pdf book
  • Photographing food plants
  • Training resource – creating/communicating
  • Create/distribute food plant posters
  • Videos
  • Collate recipes/cooking ideas
  • Culturally appropriate creative arts to communicate – e.g. song writing, dance, drama, art
  • Pursing a passion for a plant
  • Connect with a country/people group to promote local food plants

Growing the right plants, in the right place, gives the right food for people to feed themselves.  The searchable database of Food Plants International includes the list of edible plants www.foodplantsinternational.com

Our headquarters are in the seaside town of Burnie, Tasmania, Australia. We call it the Global Edible Plant Information Centre (GEPIC).  Our second office is near Launceston, Tasmania at 41 Station Road, St Leonards.